Issue 23 is long overdue; so to make up for lost time, we have a stellar, chocka collection of work! We’re delighted to welcome Switch first timers, Barbadian artist, Versia Harris with her whimsical digital swans, and our fellow Trini, Horacio Hospedales, with his Instagram explorations. We’re grateful to Andre Bagoo, Kriston Chen, Sharon Millar, Shivanee Ramlochan and photographer, Arnaldo James, for sharing their experiments in poetry and images with us. And we have spreads of congratulations for Christopher Cozier, Gerard H. Gaskin and Kei Millar, all of whom have had wonderful successes with their work recently. Thanks so much to designer Nadia Huggins, for her layered and complex design of this issue. Enjoy!

thumbnail of draconian switch 23