Founded in 2008 by Richard Mark Rawlins and a group of friends and colleagues, the magazine’s primary goal is to feature the work of contemporary artists currently working in the Caribbean.  Switch was always imagined as a place for artists and writers to flex their muscles and create in complete freedom, something rarely afforded them in their normal working lives.

Core contributors:
Richard Mark 
Rawlins, Publisher/Editor/Founder/Designer
Mariel Brown,
Darryn Boodan, Early Editor/Writer
Tracy J Hutchings, Early Editor/Writer
Indra Ramcharan, Early Editor/Writer
Dave Williams, Founder/Writer
Marlon Darbeau, Founder
Tanya Marie Williams, artzpub identity
Anderson Mitchell, Web Designer
Rodell Warner, Photography in large part
Christopher Cozier, Mentor

The resulting spreads and magazines were loud and unapologetic – an obvious romp for its contributors.  In a 2009 article, which appeared in the Trinidad Guardian, writer Mark Lyndersay commented that, ”The magazine is very much a designer’s publication, with the style of the presentation of the art and commentary changing not just from issue to issue but often from page to page. It’s art, interpreting art and framing words about art and the artistic impulse.”

Guest Designers
Tanya Marie Williams/ artzpub identity
Maro Morrison
Nadia Huggins
Joshua LCK
Kriston Chen
Nadia Huggins
Damian Liebert

He also noted that the magazine’s online distribution meant there was no end  to the possibilities of size, scale and layout of Switch.  Ultimately, what this has meant is that the magazine has been looked at by people around the world, even getting a special mention on design guru, Steven Heller’s blog!

Guest Writers
Marsha Pearce
Andre Bagoo
Ewan Atkinson
Sheldon G. Pierre
Q.D. Ross
Sophie Wight
Nicole Martin Clarke
Rhonda Landreth-Smith
Dwight Campbell
Adele Todd
Ayo Ouditt

Now, 8 years and several hundred thousand hits later, Switch, in spite of itself, has become a bit of an institution – referenced in art and design classes and by curators and artists around the world.  Switch is also an unlikely and completely unfazed star.  Through pioneering collaborations with Alice Yard and artist, Christopher Cozier, Draconian Switch found itself hanging on the walls of the Museum of Art and Design, and too creating an online presence for such seminal exhibitions as Wrestling with the Image (Washington DC); Rockstone and Bootheel (Connecticut) and Paramaribo Span (Suriname), and more recently Jamaican Routes.