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John Ambrose Kenwyn Rawlins was an ordinary man of modest means. He was a good father, grandfather and husband; an obedient public servant. Yet the most vivid part of his life was lived in was a small workshop beneath his house. In there, at the end of his workday, he made things. From simple push toys to elaborate 1/16th scale waterline battle ship models and dockyards, miniature furniture and dolls houses, he painstakingly constructed everything from scratch, sometimes spending upwards of a year on a single model. Smallman is an exploration of the worlds, both real and imagined, that Kenwyn Rawlins made.

See the film here: Studio Anansi Stallman
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Richard Mark Rawlins created this for the Jeans Art Project of 2007.
It can be considered a visual language and social commentary of things.

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Radical Upgrade created for the seminal Jeans Art Project in 2007
examines the quality of the right name and it’s value in
Trinidadian Society


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