Draconian Switch 13

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Cover: Detail from Christopher Cozier’s Now Showing 2010. Contributors: DESIGNER EDITOR Richard Rawlins, WRITERS Dave O. Williams, Tracy J. Hutchings, Richard Mark Rawlins, Adele Todd PHOTOGRAPHY Alex Smailes, Brianna McCarthy, Rodell Warner, Georgia Popplewell, Richard Mark Rawlins, Richard S. Bolai VIDEO Mariel Brown

LUCKY 13 features Artist Christopher Cozier’s new work ‘NOW SHOWING’, Photographer Alex Smailes’ gritty self-exposing Gangland Photos, interviews with Animator Luis Vasquez, COBO Masman Ashraph Richard Ramsaran and artist Adele Todd gives a posthumourous response to bookbinder, performance artist, designer, character Richard S. Bolai’s passing.

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Draconian Switch 12

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DESIGNER EDITOR: Richard Rawlins,
WRITERS: Dave O. Williams, Mariel R.H. Brown, Indra Ramcharan, Tracy J. Hutchings, Andre Bagoo
PHOTOGRAPHY: Brianna McCarthy, Rodell Warner, Mariel R.H. Brown, Kwesi Marcano.

Welcome to the 12th issue of Draconian Switch, which just seems to feature quite a lot of people whose names begin with the letter “R”. We welcome Mariel Rebecca Helena Brown to the writing fold as she does an article on Robert Young the “raise poor” Fashion Artist. Dave O. Williams comments on the Strangling of Carnival in the Mecca of Carnival. Rodell Warner has quite a few pieces in this issue as well. He chronicles in photo essay form the 3Canal (Wendell Manwarren, Roger Roberts, and Stanton Kewley) 2010 Jam It rehearsals, does the documentary for Dave’s piece, and gives us a taste of his CEPEP workers project. We cover Richard Rawlins’ Button Project, Dwight Campbell’s really cool life lesson book- I Febrezed My Dog, Jemima Charles’ Cones, and Indra Ramcharan- now relocated to London- does a piece on musician Nigel Rojas.


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Draconian Switch 11

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Designer: Richard Mark Rawlins, Writers: Christopher Cozier, Nicholas Laughlin
Photographer: Christopher Cozier, Nicholas Laughlin, Richard M. Rawlins, Paramaribo Span, Ingrid Moesan

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Draconian Switch 10

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Designer: Richard Mark Rawlins, Editor: Indra Ramcharan, Artist featured: Wendell McShine
Writers: Darryn Boodan, Indra Ramcharan, Sophie Wight, Dave Williams, Tracy J Hutchings
Photographer: Rodell Warner

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Draconian Switch 09

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Designer: Tanya Marie Williams, Artist featured: Laura Ferreira,
Writers: Dave Williams, Sophie Wight, Nicole M.C., Lisa  Allen Agostini, Indra Ramcharan, Darryn Boodan

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Draconian Switch 08

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Designer: Richard Mark Rawlins, Editor:Tracy J Hutchings,  Featured: EROTIC ARTWEEK 2009
Writers: Dave Williams, Geoffrey Maclean, Nicole Martin Clarke, Tracy J Hutchings
Photographers: Rodell Warner, Brianna McCarthy, Richard Mark Rawlins, Anderson Mitchell & YOU

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Draconian Switch 07

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Editor: Indra Ramcharan Designer: Richard Mark Rawlins, Artist featured: Tanya Marie Williams, Writers: Paula Obe, Melanie Archer, Nichola Dinoo, Indra Ramcharan, Nicole Martin Clarke,
Photographer: Rodell Warner, Richard Rawlins

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Draconian Switch 06

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Editor: Darryn Boodan Designer: Marilyn Maro Morrison Artist/Designer featured: James Hackett,
Writers: , Dave Williams, Q D Ross, Dave Williams,  Tracy J Hutchings, Dwight Campbell

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Draconian Switch 05

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Designer: Richard Mark Rawlins Artist/Designer featured: Marlon Darbeau, Writers: Darryn Boodan, Dave Williams, Q D Ross, Sheldon G. Pierre, Ayo Ouditt, Dave Williams,  Tracy J Hutchings, Nicole Noel Photographer: Rodell Warnerthumbnail of drsw05

Draconian Switch 04

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Designer/Editor: Richard Mark Rawlins, Artist featured: Marilyn Maro Morrison, Writers: Darryn Boodan, Rhonda Badal, Sheldon Pierre, Q D Ross